Tuesday, 16 April 2024   
Saturday, November 08
Chris Gaschk

I was wondering if it was possible for me to upload any photo's at all? Also is there a complete family tree of all the Gaschks in Australia?


Wednesday, November 05

 Hello to all the Gaschks out there, Hi I'm Chris and I'm 19 and studying a bachelore of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland Gatton. Just wondering where everyone elses ancestors came from in Germany? My dad was born in Sorligen Germany.

Monday, August 27

Hello Gaschk family. I am a retired electrical engineer, Raymond Walter Gaschk, 79 years old living in Walnut Creek California, 20 miles East of San Francisco. 

Friday, March 17
This is me from work and this site is a bit slow, but it works.
Friday, March 17
Welcome to this site.


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